Top 5 Challenges International Students Face in Australia

Australia has developed over time to become one of the most renowned and sought-after destinations for tertiary education. In fact, about half a million overseas students are enrolled in Australian universities, making up 24.3% of the total number of students.

While study in Australia is quite popular, there are many challenges faced by international students; be it language barriers, understanding admission criteria, or adapting to a completely new culture. If you are hoping to study in Australia in the near future and you have some concerns, perhaps this blog post will be helpful to you.

Below we address some of the most common international students problems, however, nothing is too hard to handle. These are the 5 most common challenges faced by international students in Australia:

5 Most Common Challenges

1. Criteria for Admission

Most of the difficulties that overseas students face are in meeting entrance requirements. If you don’t even have a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) document from your educational school or university, your visa will potentially be denied.

Many applicants, while filling out their student visa applications correctly, seem to file incorrect transcripts. If English is not your first language and you’re finding difficulty in obtaining the correct documents, you can always hire the assistance of immigration consultants to help collect and review them.

2. Financial Aid

Australia’s education is considered relatively cheap, for the most part. Especially in comparison to the United States. However, nothing is cheap enough, and some international students struggle with their finances. Even if you manage to pay your tuition fees, you will still have personal expenses such as accommodation, food, and transportation.

If you believe that you may need some financial aid, there are dozens of financial aid programs for international students in Australia. Go to or for more information.

Also, you should keep in mind that with a student visa Australia you can work part-time and make some extra money.

3. Language Barriers

Australia is known for being multicultural and welcoming to people from around the world. Regardless of your background, ethnicity, and religion, you will always find someone you have common grounds with. However, Australia is a prominently English-speaking country (which includes a lot of slang, too), and adapting to the language and culture are crucial.

Luckily, Australia has your back. There are plenty of English learning programs as well (such as the Adult Migrant English Program), not to mention available university courses, and the IELTS exam prep courses (which you may be required to take if you want to apply for your student visa).

4. Cultural Differences

Australia is very developed in terms of society, awareness, equality, and more. Australians are commonly known as very open and easy-going people. However, you may find some cultural differences and practices offensive. For example, your country might deem it uncomfortable seeing women in bikinis, but in Australia, it’s perfectly fine.

The most important thing is that you keep an open mind and find communities that share the same cultural interests with you.

5. Homesickness

There’s really no sugar-coating this: the feeling of homesickness is quite hard. But it’s also perfectly natural. Any international student who goes to Australian universities will tell you about their similar feelings. Being far away from anything familiar is tough.

The antidote to this is taking your time. Don’t expect to fit in immediately. Don’t expect to find best friends immediately. Go out, meet new people, tour the city and go on hiking trips. Just keep going out and about and create a lifestyle for yourself. All while keeping in touch with your family and friends of course. In other words, keeping yourself productive and focused is key to overcoming homesickness.

You can also look up organizations or associations for international students in Australia that can help you better adapt to your new life.

Reasons to Study in Australia

Now that we covered some of the international students’ problems in Australia, it’s important that we cover the great advantages of study in Australia. There is a wide range of opportunities waiting for you in the Land Down Under. For instance:

1. Internationally Recognized Degrees

Most Australian universities and institutions will offer internationally recognized degrees. This means that you can take your newly achieved academic qualifications and apply them to the job you want in almost any country. This opens a wide range of career and travel opportunities.

Speak with your university whether the degree you’re studying for can be used in other countries.

2. Multicultural Society

One of the prominent advantages of moving to Australia is the ability to fit into society fairly quickly. With hundreds of nationalities, an open-minded approach to foreign nationals, and immigrant-friendly policies, blending in is relatively easier than in many other places.

3. Wonderous World of Nature

Australia is so vast that some areas are yet to be discovered. There are incredible landscapes, forests, lakes, national parks, UNESCO world heritage, and more. There so much to see and enjoy that you won’t remember why you came to Australia in the first place!

4. Vibrant City Life

If you love good city vibes, funky dance clubs, and colorful festivals, you will find plenty in Australia’s main and smaller cities. Take a walk every night to discover fun places to have a drink, dance, and even meet a new friend.

5. Career Opportunities

As a country that relies on immigration to support its economy, Australia is always looking for skilled students and workers to join the workforce. There are career opportunities aplenty in Australia, and the pay is quite good too!

Apply For Your Student Visa Today

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