A Guide to Check Your Eligibility for a Skilled Visa with Vetassess

A skills evaluation is an essential step in the professional occupation recognition process when coming to Australia. This will determine your ability to practice your job in Australia.

VETASSESS Australia is the premier VET (vocational education and training) skills assessment provider for both migration and national skills recognition. Here are the initial steps you need to take to determine your eligibility for a skilled visa, plus who VETASSESS is for and why.


The comprehensive VETASSESS skills assessment compares your education and work experience to the requirements of your chosen profession. The evaluation of qualifications entails evaluating how educationally comparable your credentials are to those listed on the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). It’s also about how applicable they are to your chosen job.

It involves evaluating your work experience to see if it’s at the right skill level and applicable to your chosen job. It doesn’t matter whether you gained experience in Australia or abroad. For a skills assessment to be practical for immigration purposes, both qualifications and employment must be evaluated favourably.

Why Do You Need VETASSESS?

Australia may remove occupations from the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) and the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) anytime and without prior notice. The government can also remove jobs from the Regional Occupation List (ROL). You must ensure that your intended occupation is accepted when your application is turned in to VETASSESS.

VETASSESS will still evaluate your application for suitability against your chosen occupation should the removal of a profession from these lists have an impact.

What Are the Steps to Assess Your Eligibility for a Skilled Visa with VETASSESS?

Here’s what you’ll need to evaluate your eligibility for a skilled Visa with VETASSESS:

Step 1: Choose a Job

Choose a job you want to be evaluated against, and then select the visa’s intended use. For details on the various visa categories and the professions that can immigrate to Australia, visit www.homeaffairs.gov.au. You can also check the VETASSESS list of qualifications and employment requirements.

Step 2: Read Your Job Description

To see whether your work history complies with the requirements for the position, read the Professional Occupations List. Visit http://www.abs.gov.au and enter the ANZSCO code for your chosen occupation to learn more about the ANZSCO description of that profession.

Step 3: Be Prepared for Your Application

You can receive Skills Assessment Support if you’re still uncertain about the application requirements or required papers. For migration agents, attorneys, and potential candidates who haven’t yet submitted their Skills Assessment application to VETASSESS, there’s Skills Assessment Support (SAS). SAS services aim to offer additional and specialised assistance to applicants, agents, and lawyers.

That way, they can submit an assessment-ready application for general professional occupations assessed by VETASSESS. You can choose from two separate SAS services:

Consultation Service

The VETASSESS Skills Assessment criteria for professional occupational classifications are covered in-depth in this service’s 30-minute phone consultation.

Document Checking Service

This tool determines whether the supporting materials you intend to submit are adequate for a skills assessment application. Additionally, you can find out about Priority Processing to expedite your application.

Step 4: Submit Your Application or Continue the Assessment

You can apply online.

Step 5: Apply or Track Your Application

Complete the online application form by clicking Apply or Track Application. Be sure to submit high-quality colour scans of the necessary documents when submitting your online application. Note that when submitting your application, you must check the box for Priority Processing if you want it to be handled quickly.

Step 6: Let an Assessment Officer Allocate Your Application

Your application will be assigned to an assessment officer, who will contact you electronically if they need any other documents.

Step 7: View and Download Your Skills Assessment Result

You can read and download your skills assessment outcome letter from the online portal once your application is complete. Unless otherwise specified in the postage payment portion of your application, a hard copy of the outcome letter won’t be mailed to you.


How long will it take to complete my assessment?

You can expect a processing time between 12 and 20 weeks. Every evaluation is done on an individual basis, and the time it takes will depend on how quickly we get all the documentation we require. Any additional information from you or your referees also influences the processing time.

You can shorten the processing time if you submit all the necessary documents in an appropriate manner. Applications that have been confirmed eligible for Priority Processing are evaluated in 10 business days. Forty-eight hours later, you can download a letter outlining the results of your considered application.

I graduated recently and have yet to gain work experience. Can I still apply for a complete skills assessment?

All comprehensive skills evaluations demand both credentials and work experience.

How long is VETASSESS valid for?

For the purpose of skilled migration, VETASSESS skills assessments are currently valid for three years after the date of issuance.

I have extensive work experience in an area very relevant to my nominated job but lack formal qualifications. Can I apply for a skills assessment nevertheless?

Applications for VETASSESS Skills Assessments require a comparison of your education and work experience to the requirements for your chosen job. You cannot compensate for lack of qualification at the appropriate educational level for the specified occupation with highly relevant work experience.

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