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An Australian working visa is an excellent opportunity for professional growth, taking new career paths, and even becoming an Australian permanent resident.

However, there isn’t just one Australian working visa. There are many different visa types and requirements. To avoid being overwhelmed by the abundance of information, you can find UIS Australia’s extensive guide below.

Why Work in Australia?

Australia remains a popular choice for migration, with around 30% of the population originating from overseas. And it’s no surprise, either. With a booming economy, competitive salaries, low rate of unemployment and a fantastic quality of life, there are so many reasons why foreigners would wish to migrate down under.

Picturesque scenery and beaches, lots of beautiful, wide open spaces and low levels of pollution. Culture, sport, music, warm weather, friendly people and a lifestyle that emphasises family before work. Why wouldn’t you want to live and work in Australia?

Australian Work Permit Visa Process

The General Skilled Migration Program is the quickest, easiest, and most common way to begin the Australian working visa application process. See below for full details on these four visa types and who is eligible for to apply.

If you are eligible for a working visa under the General Skilled Migration Program, you must first submit an EOI (Expression of Interest). This is done via SkillSelect, an online tool used by the Australian immigration authorities to prioritize applicants using a points-based system.
You score points based on your various career or educational experiences. If you hit the minimum number of points required, in addition to meeting other eligibility criteria, you stand a much greater chance of gaining your working visa Australia.

Let go of all the stress of proceeding with a temporary or permanent work visa by consulting with an accredited immigration agent at UIS Australia. Our dedicated team is proficient with work immigration and can happily guide you in your journey. Contact us today for a consultation.

Types of Work Visas

The most obtained Australian working visa types come from the General Skilled Migration Program, but other more temporary methods exist too. The Working Holiday Visa Australia is ideal for 18- to 30-year-olds wishing to travel around Australia while earning money. But there are also options for business investment visas.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the different types of working visa Australia.

The General Skilled Migration Program

The General Skilled Migration program targets skilled individuals and their families, who seek to move to Australia. There are four different types, and they all offer a pathway to permanent residency in the country. We included some of the eligibility requirements below:

The Skilled Independent Visa – Subclass 189

To be eligible for the Points Tested Stream, you must:

  • Be under 45 years old
  • Score 65 points or more on your immigration profile
  • Pass a skills assessment
  • Meet language requirements
  • Meet health and character requirements

To be eligible for the New Zealand Stream, you must:

  • Hold a New Zealand Special Category – Subclass 444 Visa
  • Meet the taxable income requirements
  • Have lived in Australia for 5 years
  • Meet the health and character requirements

The Skilled Nominated Visa – Subclass 190

The Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190) is a long-term work visa that can lead to permanent residency. Skilled workers nominated by a State or Territory may legally live, work, and study in Australia permanently.

To be eligible for the Skilled Nominated Visa, you must:

  • Be under 45 years old
  • Be nominated by an Australian State or Territory government agency
  • Pass a skills assessment
  • Score 65 points or more on your immigration profile
  • Meet language requirements
  • Meet health and character requirements

The Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) – Subclass 491

The Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) – Subclass 491 is a temporary work visa that can lead to permanent residency. This visa is for skilled workers who want to live and work in regional Australia (such as the Northern Territory, Queensland, and South Australia).

To be eligible for the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) you must:

  • Be under 45 years old
  • Be nominated by an Australian State or Territory government agency / be sponsored by an eligible relative
  • Pass a skills assessment
  • Score 65 points or more in the SkillSelect system
  • Meet language requirements
  • Meet health and character requirements

This visa is valid for 5 years. If eligible, you may apply for permanent residency through the Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 191). This will be available from 16 November 2022.

If you are a family member of someone who already holds the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) – Subclass 491, you can apply for the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa – Subsequent Entrant.

The Skilled Regional – Subclass 887 Visa

The Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887) is a permanent residency visa. Workers who have held other work visas in the past, such as the Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa, may apply if they have lived and worked in specific areas of regional Australia.

To be eligible for the Skilled Regional Visa you must:

  • Be in Australia when applying for this visa
  • Be in Australia on a Subclass 489, 495, 496, 475 and 487 visas
  • On a bridging visa A or bridging visa B after applying for the Subclass 489, 495 or 487 visas
  • Meet the residency requirement
  • Meet the work requirement
  • Meet language requirements
  • Meet health and character requirements

Working Holiday Visas

A working holiday visa Australia is a great way for younger people to visit the country. If you are between 18 and 30 years old, you can apply for this type of temporary work visa. It allows you to enter the country for up to 12 months and perform incidental work for any employer (except the government). Irish, Canadian, and French passport holders may apply for a working holiday visa Australia until the age of 35.

Business Visas

In 2012, the government of Australian government introduced Business Innovation and Investment visas, in order to encourage entrepreneurs, investors and business owners to the country. You may be eligible to apply for an Australian Business Visa via one of the following streams.

  • Business Innovation Stream
  • Investor Stream
  • Significant Investor Stream
  • Business Innovation Extension Stream
  • Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream
  • Significant Business History Stream

Speak to a UIS Australia immigration consultant for further advice on obtaining business investment visas.

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Our immigration consultants and legal advisors are MARA certified and can assess your visa eligibility to determine your options for immigration to Australia, thus saving you time and money. Additionally, they can assist you with collecting and submitting time-sensitive documents, ensuring your visa application is up to par with government requirements, advising you on complicated decisions, assisting with legal matters, and representing you in front of the Australian government.

The complexity of your application process will depend on factors such as the visa requirements, your level of education and work experience, your level of English, whether you have been refused a visa before, etc.

If you have an in-demand occupation, a clean record with the immigration authorities and a high score on your immigration profile, your application process will be much easier.

As far as visa application processing times, they vary according to the type of visa you’re applying for. A Skilled Independent Visa application can take anywhere between 5 and 12 months to complete. The Skilled Nominated Visa usually can take 10 to 13 months. A Skilled Regional Visa can take around 24 months.

No. Tourist visas are exclusively for non-work-related purposes, such as leisure and tourism. Such visitor visas do not permit you to work, or even to seek work or attend job interviews. Engaging in such activities on a regular tourist visa will result in deportation. You may even receive a ban from re-entering the country.

To find a job in Australia, you should apply for a visa from the Business Visitor Stream. This will allow you to make general business or employment inquiries.

The age limit for a working visa Australia depends on the exact type of visa. For example, the Skilled Independent Visa, the Skilled Nominated Visa and the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa, have an upper limit of 45 years of age.

However, there is no upper age limit for the Skilled Regional Visa.

Absolutely. There are many ways in which a foreigner can work down under. If you have relatives in Australia, or plan to marry, there are sponsorship visas that allow you to work in the country. But most commonly, skilled foreign workers can work in Australia by obtaining permanent work visas as discussed above.

Working Holiday Visas are a more temporary option, while an Australia business visa is also a potential way for expats to work in the country.

No. If you have any sort of Australian Visitor Visa, you may not convert it to a work visa. In fact, you will not be able to convert a visitor visa to any other kind of visa. Instead, you must begin the relevant visa application process for the visa you want.