Our immigration advisors will guide you through your visa application process.

UIS Australia’s team of certified Mara immigration advisors are here to share their expertise and year of experience in the field of Australia immigration with you, to help you meet the necessary requirements and handle any challenges that may show during your visa application process.

Below are the most common questions asked by our clients regarding the Australian visa application process and immigration process in general:

The answer to this fundamental question depends on 3 main factors

  1. What is your personal background?
  2. What are your current circumstances?
  3. What are your future aspirations?

There are many different visas and programs (over 60) that enable immigration to Australia. So, in order to assist you we will need to know more about you.

After you register on our website or by phone, we will assign you a personal immigration consultant who will ask you for necessary details to initiate your immigration process. The result of this consulation will help us determine the recommended immigration route for you and your family.

Once our assessment has been completed and your best immigration route is clear, the same personal immigration consultant will continue to advise you through the process of preparing all the necessary documentation and more to complete your visa application.

Your immigration consultant will then evaluate and submit your application to the authorities. This is to ensure that the application successfully completed.

The General Skilled Migration Visas (also known as the GSM visas), are for skilled workers interested in immigrating to Australia for the long term. If your skills match the in-demand job list on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), you might be eligible.

There are over 20 different skilled migration visas and your immigration consultant can advise you which visas will be most suited to your qualifications.

Immigration and starting a new life in a new country is exciting, however, please be aware that applying for an Australian visa takes time. There are differences between the many visa types and other factors that can impact processing time. All the time frames are simply estimations based on years of experience and estimations from the Australian Immigration Authority. These times can change without prior notice, and in the end are the sole responsibility of the Australian Immigration authorities.

For example, A General Skilled Visa can take between 8 to 33 months depending on the Subclass you are applying for, however, whatever your application route, the experience and expertise of your UIS personal immigration account manager will help keep it to a minimum.

Professional immigration services also charge fees that depend on your family situation, the specific visa you apply for, and the complexity of your individual case. Payment is usually made when we start to help you prepare the documents for your application. Fees can be paid in U.S dollars by credit card, bank draft, check or money order.

In some cases, under the sole discretion of our MARA consultants, a payment plan tailored to your personal financial situation may be available.

Australia is a liberal country and legalized same-sex marriage on 9 December 2017. States and territories began granting domestic partnership benefits and relationship recognition to same-sex couples from 2003, with federal law recognizing same-sex couples since 2009 as de facto relationships. Australia places no restriction for immigration applicants who are in a same – sex relationship or marriage.