Top 10 Reasons to Live on Gold Coast Australia

Are you considering relocation to the Gold Coast? Many have been moving to Gold Coast Australia from southern cities such as Sydney and Melbourne since the 2018 Commonwealth Games highlighted the area to the globe, but with the coronavirus set to take root in 2020, residents have been moving there.

Why Gold Coast Australia?

Gold Coast building view at sunset

If you’re considering moving to Australia but don’t want to go to Perth, Melbourne, or Sydney, the Gold Coast is well worth considering. The name of this location by itself reflects what the atmosphere is like. The Gold Coast is definitely a fitting name for this place; it conjures up thoughts of glistening oceans and golden sand beaches, and this impression is quite accurate!

The Gold Coast got its name from the city’s tourism boom in the 1950s, which resulted in a sharp increase in real estate and living expenses. Things have settled down now, and it’s one of Australia’s fastest expanding districts, with many Australians fleeing Sydney and Melbourne for the better value and quality of life in this surfer’s paradise.

The Gold Coast is Downright Beautiful

Gold Coast lifeguard hut

Would you prefer to live in a grey and gloomy neighborhood, or a beautiful, sunlit area? The aesthetics and beauty of the place we live in have a great impact on the quality of our lives. Many people consider beauty as one of the most essential factors in deciding where to start a new life.

Waking up to bright, sandy beaches, great weather, and a peaceful environment will surely get you off to a great start every single day.


4 year old child sightseeing

Every year, there are ethnic festivals and activities, such as Harmony Week in March and Multicultural Month in August. Southport’s renowned Chinatown also organizes street markets and cultural events on a monthly basis.

The city draws thousands of international students each year, thanks to three institutions on the Gold Coast and a big TAFE Institute in Southport. The Gold Coast is a pleasant, varied, and multicultural location to live in, in addition to the numerous visitors that visit the region. In reality, over one-third of Gold Coast inhabitants were born outside of the country.

Great Value Housing

Gold Coast suburban housing

Housing on the Gold Coast varies in price, as it does in any big metropolitan region, but one thing is certain: you get a lot for your money, especially when compared to other Australian cities. Houses in Australia are often large and include separate kitchens and laundry rooms.

On the Gold Coast, most homes are designed with the weather in mind and have a fantastic outside space for dining or resting at all hours of the day and night.

Biologically Diverse

Rainbow Lorikeet Gold Coast

As if Australia didn’t have enough peculiar animals, it appears that the majority of them reside on the Gold Coast and its environs. There are more than 1,300 animal species and 1,700 plant species in this area. On the Gold Coast, you’ll witness magnificent birds of all colors, spectacular amphibians, and a plethora of unique insects. Even a simple walk soon transforms into a nature trail as you observe the huge diversity of animals, birds, and insects around you.

Subtropical Climate

Gold Coast sunset

This is a huge benefit for anyone thinking about relocating to Queensland. Gold Coast Australia weather is warm and inviting all year! Warm, rainy winters and hot, humid summers provide a unique climate (in comparison to other regions of Australia).

The weather is particularly attractive to tourists and retirees who just want a peaceful place to enjoy their lives. It’s also particularly ideal for those who don’t like the drier conditions found in the southern portion of Australia. Sunshine is guaranteed all year long if you reside on the Gold Coast.


Shrimp on the barbie Gold Coast

There are so many things to do in Gold Coast Australia; The Gold Coast is known for its legendary parties. There are bustling dance clubs, pubs, restaurants, and live music venues along the streets, so there’s a fun place to enjoy at every corner. The party continues outside of Surfers Paradise. Discover popular restaurants and trendy bars in neighborhoods like Broadbeach and Butleigh Heads to keep the drinks flowing from dark till dawn.

Modern Economy

Man working from home Gold Coast

Gold Coast Australia is the sixth biggest city, and with so much to offer, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most rapidly growing ones. As a result, even in these difficult times, there are plenty of job and business prospects.

The Gold Coast is the best area to take advantage of the work-at-home lifestyle. The Gold Coast’s local government already has plans in place to make it Australia’s top digital metropolis, and the coronavirus epidemic is adding to that.

Bordered by Amazing Rainforests

Rain forest in Queensland Australia

If you’re considering relocating to the Gold Coast in order to pursue a more active lifestyle, the area’s spectacular rainforests will pique your curiosity. Tambourine National Park, located not far from the city, offers eco-adventures, rainforest canopy exploration treks, and a variety of educational activities that work to preserve the area’s great natural beauty and abundance of species. In reality, there are almost 21,000 hectares of unique rainforest to explore on the Gold Coast.

Shopping Experiences

Shopping bags Australia Gold Coast

Because it traditionally had to cater to its enormous tourist influx, Gold Coast shopping is far superior to that of many other Australian cities. After all, this is the preferred holiday destination for Australians, and it also attracts a big number of European and American tourists. The city is home to some of Australia’s most well-known duty-free shops and retail malls, as well as a burgeoning independent sector.

Cost of Living

Australia house key

When compared to living in a big city, the Gold Coast may be a more cost-effective option. Rooms at a sharing house start as little as $135 per week in wonderful places like Southport and Surfers Paradise, and rates are typically lower than in big cities. When you combine this with low-cost public transportation and a plethora of free and low-cost social activities, the Gold Coast becomes a highly cost-effective option.


Two happy boys in Gold Coast Australia

The Gold Coast, along with Brisbane, is regarded as one of the most attractive locations to live in the world. Political, social, economic, and environmental considerations, as well as personal safety and health, were all taken into account when producing this list.

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