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      Our Proven 3-Step Process

      Registration and
      Eligibility Assessment

      Register your details in the form above and you will be assigned an immigration consultant as your personal account manager. Your consultant will assess your eligibility for a visa based on your academic and professional qualifications. The results of your assessment will determine your next steps towards obtaining your Australian visa.

      Preparation and
      Profile Enhancement

      Your personal immigration consultant will guide you on how to collect the necessary documents for your specific visa application, optimizing your immigration profile, obtaining language courses, choosing settlement solutions, and more, to ensure that you are fully prepared every step of the way.


      Once your visa application meets all the necessary requirements and it’s improved to professional satisfaction, your immigration consultant will submit your visa application to the ‘Pool of Candidates’ and continue the necessary liaison with the Australian government on your behalf. If selected, your consultant will assist you through the first chapter of your new life in Australia.

      Most Popular Australian Visas

      Australia Immigration

      Australia Immigration

      Australia welcomes around half a million immigrants every year – and for good reason: democratic and immigrant-friendly policies, a strong economy, and generous social benefits make it an ideal place to raise a family, develop a career and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

      Now, you can be one of them.

      Register with UIS Australia today and you will be assigned a personal immigration consultant who will accompany you during the step-by-step process towards obtaining an Australian visa.

      We hereby guarantee that our immigration consultants have the experience and expertise to ensure your application fully complies with all the Australian government’s legal requirements, giving you the highest possible chances of success.

      Client Testimonials

      "Dia duit UIS Australia. Thanks a million for helping my family and me apply for the GSM Program. Your team was a pleasure to work with. The immigration process was a lot smoother thanks to your professional guidance and now we are having a whale of a time out here in Melbourne."

      Conor, Australian Working Visa

      "Hello UIS Australia team. I am very grateful for helping me get my student visa for Australia. If not for your company I would have probably got that visa by 2030. Thank you very much!"

      Taiga, Australian Student Visa

      "Working with UIS Australia was a lifesaving decision! I visited Australia a couple of times before and had no problem getting the ETA I needed. When I decided to apply for a work visa I realized that I'm in way over my noggin. I couldn't understand what kind of visa I'm supposed to apply for, couldn't understand any of the visa information online... Thank heavens for my account manager, David Shelby, who just took everything into his own hands. Almost a year later and I have the work visa I needed."

      Leah, Australian Working Visa

      I got the Working Holiday Visa through UIS Australia and I'm very happy with the service! I knew that this was something I should let professionals handle and I'm happy I did that. The application process was fast and easy"

      Sara, Australia Working Holiday Visa

      "Hi! This is my thank you to UIS Australia for helping my wife and I achieve the family visa. Three months later and we still can't believe that we're now living in New South Wales together. It was actually my wife's idea to contact an immigration company and we're happy that we found yours"

      Richie, Australia Family Visa

      "I'm a very disorganized human being and I had to get someone to help me with the working holiday visa application. UIS Australia helped me understand my options, how much and how long this process will take and what I need to do to apply. The team was straight and to the point and were completely transparent. I'm very happy that I chose this company to help me with my application and I'm happy to recommend them to anyone else"

      Lea, Australia Working Holiday Visa