How to Become a Plumber in Australia in 2023

No wonder plumbers are on the rise down under. Australia needs plumbers badly, whether in tiny hamlets or big cities. Plus, it’s a popular job among foreigners who don’t want to sit in a cubicle all day.  

You can access various tools, work in different locations, and develop your technical skills. Here’s what you need to know about how to become a plumber in Australia.

Becoming a Plumber – Work in Australia for Foreigners

To work as a plumber in Australia, you must meet the required standards listed below:

  • Get your Certificate III and Certificate IV in Australia before you can work as a plumber
  • You must have completed 12 years of education back home before applying for a visa
  • For enrolment in the necessary certificates, a minimum overall IELTS score of 5.5 is required

Plumbing Courses

Australia’s cities provide various plumbing courses. You can select a specialism based on your preferences.


To get an Australia work visa 2023, you can sign up for a plumbing diploma program. They cover the trickiest topics and services, like air conditioning, fire services, mechanical services related to plumbing, and system management. These courses are practical ways to make sure you are aware of the potential benefits and drawbacks of opening your own plumbing company.


According to the Department of Home Affairs, you should enrol in a certificate program to begin your career in plumbing. Apprenticeship programs and licensing agencies give you practical experience and theoretical instruction. You can establish tactics to preserve budgets and keep an eye on plumbing projects with the aid of plumbing certificate programs.

They also introduce you to some ideas and skills you’ll need to maintain a prosperous career.

Establishments That Provide Plumbing Courses

The following list includes Australia’s top educational facilities that provide plumbing degrees.

  1. IPA

Plumbing is the exclusive focus of the Institute of Plumbing Australia, which is based in Sorrento, Western Australia. Plumbing certificates III and IV are available.

  1. Melbourne Polytechnic

One of the best universities in Australia is Melbourne Polytechnic. Those who have achieved Certificate III at Melbourne Polytechnic can register for a plumbing apprentice exam and quick courses in plumbing.

  1. TAFE Queensland

Australia is home to multiple campuses for the school. It is Australia’s most popular educational institution. They provide classes in various subjects, including plumbing certificates II, III, and IV.

Qualifications Needed to Become a Plumber

There are certain necessary talents for becoming a plumber. Without them, you cannot advance in your field.

Communication Skills

As plumbers deal with several clients from various communities and social backgrounds, communication skills are crucial. They need practical speaking and listening skills to obtain the necessary information on the leaks or problems in the plumbing systems.

Mechanical Knowledge

You need to have mechanical knowledge and abilities to work as a plumber. A plumber can’t successfully carry out their tasks without using or distinguishing plumbing tools.

Resolving Issues

Plumbers assess issues daily and address them as promptly as they can. They have to analyse problems objectively and determine the most effective solutions.

Physical Power

Since they frequently work in numerous locations and must handle large tools or machines, plumbing is a physically demanding profession. So, plumbers should be strong and physically healthy.

Plumber Types

Several classifications of plumbers exist based on their functions and areas of expertise.


Residential Plumbers

As the name suggests, residential plumbers maintain, fix, and repair plumbing systems in people’s homes. They deal with broken pipes and toilets and address all kinds of plumbing problems in residential areas.

Commercial Plumbers

This type of plumber works at public institutions like colleges, hospitals, and schools. They install, repair, and maintain the tanks and pipelines for the system. Compared to residential plumbers, they need more advanced knowledge and skills.

Third-class plumbers

These plumbers are experts who focus on sanitary plumbing systems. They carry out routine duties, including unclogging drains, setting up bathroom pipes, and monitoring water heating and plumbing systems.

Water Supply Plumbers

They operate with water supply systems installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and other locations. They carry out standard tasks that are necessary for each area of the water supply. Plumbers who work in water supply also perform essential functions like draining toilets and bathrooms.

Degrees of Employment for a Plumber

As there are various specialisations in which they work, you should be aware of the job roles of a plumber before you decide to become one.

Apprentice Plumber

In Australia, an entry-level professional plumber is known as an apprentice plumber. They must clean and arrange the tools while following the plumber’s instructions. They’re expected to carry out simple tasks and be trained under more experienced plumbers. Their employment typically doesn’t change until they complete their apprenticeship. An apprentice plumber earns an average of AUD 56,150 a year.

Journeyman Plumber

Journeyman plumbers are people with experience repairing both residential and business water systems. The tasks performed by journeyman plumbers are more challenging than those of an apprentice plumber. They fix and install plumbing systems.

It takes four years of apprenticeship to become a journeyman plumber. The typical annual income for a journeyman plumber ranges from AUD 75,000 to AUD 104,000.

Master Plumber

As the name implies, the master plumber ranks the highest among plumbers. Master plumbers run their own companies, employ apprentices, and educate them. They keep an eye on other plumbers operating in residential and commercial settings.

A master plumber makes an average of AUD 97,000 yearly.


Undoubtedly, plumbing is the hardest-working profession in the world, but it’s also one that is expanding in Australia. If work in Australia for foreigners interests you, becoming a plumber is a great option to find a job.

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