5 Tips for Choosing Your MARA Consultant

So, you’ve made the decision (or are at least toying with the idea) of moving to Australia. We get it— the pandemic has us wanting to pack our bags and making a fresh start somewhere. But before you can do this, there’s one major hurdle that you need to go through first. We’re talking about visa applications, of course.

Understandably, the idea of completing so much paperwork and submitting your application sounds like a daunting task. Some might even go as far as to say that it’s a logistical and legal nightmare, enough to discourage even the most motivated applicant from pursuing their dream of studying, working, or residing permanently in Australia.

But we’ll let you in on an open secret: the right Australia immigration consultants matter. They can walk you through those grueling first steps and make sure that all your paperwork has been completed before they’re stamped, sealed, and delivered.

So how exactly can you make sure that you work with an honest and efficient MARA registered consultant? We’ve rounded up our top 5 tips to help you choose the best MARA agent in Australia.

1. Choose an agent with experience

Look, don’t get us wrong— we have nothing against fresh graduates. It’s their drive and enthusiasm that will propel us to a better future. Not to mention, they usually charge less than the experienced ones too. However, nothing beats the efficiency and confidence of agents with the right experience.

You see, there are plenty of registered immigration agents Australia to choose from, but you can rest easy in knowing that your application is handled by someone who has had years to hone their skills and understand the admittedly complex Australian immigration system.

Experienced Australia immigration consultants know exactly what caseworkers are looking for and what supplementary details need to be included to get you the best possible results.

They make it their business to keep up to date with legislation and requirements. In short, they will be able to give you timely and relevant advice when you decide to apply.

So, before you sign in on the services of a MARA consultant, don’t hesitate to ask for the number of clients they’ve handled and how many years they have been in practice. Don’t forget to drill down into the specifics such as the experience that they have in dealing with the visa that you are applying for. Sometimes, it’s not just enough to quantify their experience but to qualify it as well.

2. Consider the agent’s success rate

Just think about it: you want to have your Australian visa granted. That’s it— that’s the goal when you decided to begin your visa application. So naturally, you want to align yourself with someone whose track record tells you that they have had substantial success in the past.

Of course, your visa application approval cannot be guaranteed. However, you’ll have much better chances of being granted entry if you work with an agent that has a record of competence under their name.

This may not be the easiest question to ask right off the bat, however, the best MARA agent in Australia should have no problem discussing their success rate with you. So go ahead and ask them how many clients have been able to successfully migrate to Australia with their help. Don’t be shy to ask them whether how many of these successes have had visa applications like yours.

Migration agents have their own specialties and choose to focus on specific areas, so you’ll find better success with choosing one that specializes in your application. For example, if you want to transfer to Australia to study, you’ll likely find it easier to work with an agent that specializes in processing student visas as opposed to one whose portfolio mostly consists of handling temporary visas.

3. Check for reviews and referrals about them

We live in an age where Google is king and every type of information that you need can be found at your fingertips; Go ahead and take a break from all of your online scrolling and check out what past clients have to say about your possible Australia immigration consultants. Chances are that if they have done a less than stellar job in the past, you’ll read about it online.

Their old clients are out there and they’re sharing their opinion or praises about the agent that you want to hire. To make the best possible decision in choosing your MARA consultant, a few minutes of idle snooping around the internet will tell you whether he or she is well worth your time and money.

Don’t forget to check for reviews of their firm too. Often, these agents will operate based on the standards that their firm has set. So, consider the good and the bad before you come up with a decision on who to hire to work with you.

4. Take note of how they communicate with you

Over the course of your visa application, you will be constantly going back and forth with your chosen MARA consultant. Therefore, it is especially important to find one who you are comfortable talking to (and won’t leave your messages in ‘seen’).

So, even before you sign in on their services, observe the ones who are responsive and can answer your questions satisfactorily. Preparing visa applications is a stressful and confusing process, so having the right guide to assist you truly matters. If they can’t be as serious in communicating with you, then they can’t be serious in handling your affairs.

In fact, responding to queries is part of the code of conduct for Australia immigration consultants. They should be able to commit to answering your questions in a timely manner. If it takes them ages to respond to your questions, then it might be time to shop around for another one who can be more committed to keeping in contact with you.

The way you communicate with your agent and the length of time it takes them to get back to you can make your application smoother and less stressful. Trust us, you don’t want the added burden of constantly asking for updates when the time comes.

5. Read the fine print thoroughly

There are some agencies that have pages upon pages of terms and conditions, and there are others with just a simple page or two. But regardless of the length of your agreement, be sure to read through each clause properly.

Now, what exactly should you look for when you peruse their terms and conditions? For one, take note of possible hidden fees and charges that could surprise you and cause you to shell out more money than you are willing to. There’s much to be said about agencies who are upfront with their costs as opposed to those who overcharge you with hidden fees.

Don’t forget to take note of their responsibilities to you as a paying client too. This way, you can keep yourself informed on what you can expect from their services and if you can get the most value for your money from them.

Keep in mind that the costs for your immigration process may be different from someone else’s, depending on the complexity of your case, the type of visa you’re applying for, and more. Don’t hesitate to ask for a cost estimate so you have an idea of your starting point.

How UIS Australia Can Help You Get Started

UIS Australia is an accredited immigration consultancy that works with MARA-licensed consultants. We offer a wide range of immigration services to help facilitate the process, and a team of professionals who are readily available for any assistance or advice. Feel free to contact our team today to learn more.

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