Top 7 Occupations in Australia in 2022

Australia is among the easiest countries to immigrate to. Many aspiring individuals from around the world prefer this land of rich cultures, breathtaking beaches, and the cutest mammals as their dream destination!

From a work point of view, Australia is where any employee yearns to be! Known as “The Land of the Long Weekend,” The country was the first to establish a 40-hour workweek and reasonable wages — truly a worker’s paradise!

Top 7 Occupations in Australia in 2022

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If you’re interested in taking your work expertise overseas, Australia should be on the top of your list! Since the country’s job market trends are ever-changing, it’s important to keep up with what’s in demand. If you’re thinking about working in Australia, here are the top 7 occupations that will help you make yourself marketable in 2022!

Chief Human Resources Officer

Human resources officer

The Chief HR Officer is a senior role with very high demand in Australia as of 2022. The primary responsibility of this role is to establish and execute HR strategies while serving as a leader to the company’s HR managing team. The skills required to secure this role include employee engagement and being able to lead a successful culture change within an organization.

Registered Nurse

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In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for healthcare workers. Registered Nurses, in particular, won’t find any trouble searching for a job in Australia in 2022. If you’re a trained nurse with years of experience under your belt and you consider yourself to be a hardworking and dedicated individual, there’s a whole sea of opportunity for you in The Land Down Under!

Software Developer

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If you’re an experienced Software Developer familiar with the latest technologies, the job market is yours no matter where you go! As creators of mobile applications, desktop software, and websites, your role is essential for the growth of a country’s economy. If you possess strong problem-solving skills and have a good grip on multiple programming languages, take your expertise to Australia!

IT Project Manager

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Project Managers ensure that all business projects are finished smoothly and well on time. From small startups to large corporations, every company requires experienced Project Managers for delivering complex programs. They play an integral role in maintaining workforce productivity and keeping employees focused in the right direction. As Australia’s job market bounces back after the pandemic, this career path is a great seller!

Moreover, if you’re in the IT industry, many Australian companies require your expertise! IT Project Managers are the leaders of digital transformation and among the highest in-demand roles in Australia’s job market for 2022.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer example

A Machine Learning Engineer is responsible for the development and execution of AI algorithms and systems for different platforms. For this role, you should be familiar with certain programming languages and tools, including TensorFlow, Python, JAVA, and R. This job title continues to grow with each passing year in Australia. So, if you have the skills, you can land a high-paying job there and live comfortably!

Electrical Engineer

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Even though Engineers are generally sought-after in the Australian job market, Electrical Engineering skills are particularly esteemed. If you’re a trained Electrical Engineer with expertise in building and operating computer systems, there are loads of job opportunities waiting for you in Australia! Many companies are actively seeking talented Electrical Engineers to add to their workforce. So, you better start brushing up on your skills!

Construction Manager

Construction manager overseeing employees

Construction Management is a very lucrative job option if you want to live a lavish life in Australia! The role is very much in-demand, so there’s a high chance you can land one of the many positions that are available countrywide. If you have a reputable construction management background, pay great attention to detail, and are all about organization, there are loads of companies all across Australia waiting to have you on board!

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