New Visa Options for Hong Kong Immigrants

New Visa Options for Hong Kong Immigrants

Australia and Hong Kong have been sharing a close relationship for many years, more or less since the Australia gold rush of 1850. These relations are different from the Australia – China relations, as Hong Kong has a status of Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. This means that they can maintain their own international relations and operate a mini-constitution.

As the relationship between Australia and Hong Kong grew Australia became a favorable destination for Hong Kong immigration. As a result of Hong Kong’s immigration to Australia, Hong Kong has contributed immensely to the economic growth and job opportunities in Australia and created strong business ties between the two countries. In return, Australia introduced new visa options and incentives over the years specifically for Hong Kong passport holders who want to live, work, travel and study in Australia.

The Australian government recently announced new and extended visa options for students and skilled workers from Hong Kong, that will allow Hong Kong passport holders to stay in Australia longer and eventually become permanent residents. These are the new Australia visa extensions for Hong Kong students:

  1. Future and current Hong Kong students will be eligible for a 5-year graduate visa once they complete their eligible tertiary studies
  2. Former students already holding a temporary graduate visa will be given an extension of up to 5 years with an option to become Australia permanent residents
  3. Students on a regional campus in regional Australia will become eligible for Australia permanent residency after 3 years

Hong Kong future applicants for temporary skilled visas will be eligible for a 5 years visa if the following applies:

  1. Their occupation and/or skills are listed on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and they meet the Labor Market Testing requirements,
  2. They qualify through the Global Talent temporary visa program for exceptional talent. Qualifying for this program means that an Australian employer must sponsor the employee and pay above the Fair Work Income Threshold of $153,600

Hong Kong future temporary skilled visa holders will be eligible for a 5-year visa with the option of becoming Australia permanent residents.

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