Become a Small Business Owner in Australia

Opening a business in Australia is the dream of many. Wealthy populations and Australia’s links to powerful worldwide economies make it an attractive destination for many business owners. However, the requirements to apply for the Business Innovation and Investment Program are quite complicated and demanding, especially for small business owners.

Recently, Business and Skilled Migration Queensland (BSMQ) opened its doors for the Business Innovation and Investment Program and Skilled Program, that include the Small Business Owners (SBO) pathway visa – Subclass 491.

The Small Business Owners pathway visa is a unique opportunity for people onshore who want to open a business, and to do so in Regional Queensland, especially candidates who struggle with scoring higher points with the Skilled Independent Visa – Subclass 189 because of their age, work experience or other qualifications.

Those who qualify for the Small Business Owners pathway visa won’t need to rely on employers or run the extra mile to meet the 95-point threshold. For example, one of the main requirements to become eligible for this visa in Queensland is that you must have worked 3 to 6 months in a nominated occupation in a regional area of Australia.

The goal of making these programs available in Queensland was to reward small business owners for providing employment opportunities and investing in the local business community. Therefore, a lot of flexibility was given as well as far as applying for the Small Business Owners pathway visa.

If you are interested in opening a small business in Queensland, Australia, or would like to explore additional options to work in Australia, there are many visa programs available. We recommend speaking to an immigration professional to assess your options for Australia immigration.

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Ron Ford

Ron Ford immigrated with his family to Australia in 2005 to work as a social worker. Following their difficult immigration process, he slowly turned to blogging and creating content about immigration: "…As a family of 5, we struggled to make ends meet. I was working around the clock and Clarissa was working in housekeeping any time she could spare. The move to Australia completely changed our lives, but it cost us a lot of money, time, and tears. Ever since I've wanted to help others on their journeys the way I wished someone had helped us".

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