8 Australian Universities to Study at without IELTS

Studying abroad has become a popular concept. People often pursue higher education overseas because it’s simply better than their own country’s schooling system. But others simply view it as an opportunity to spread their wings, experience new cultures, and challenge themselves. Either way, millions of students every year from different regions apply to universities abroad. And one of the most popular destinations is, you guessed it, Australia!

The Australian education system is highly regarded across the world. Both domestic and international students benefit from top-tier educators and comprehensive curricula. Just like in other English-speaking countries, you need a successful IELTS result to study at Australian universities. But that’s not always the case.

In fact, we’ve accumulated a list of the top 8 Australian universities to study at without having to give an IELTS exam!   

1. The University of Queensland

The first on our list is the University of Queensland. The esteemed educational institute prides itself on giving every student a chance. Typically, the university does require a successful IELTS result as proof that you can speak and comprehend English properly. But there are some alternative routes available if that’s not possible for you.

The primary question here is about your ability to study in English, and that can be proven in many ways. You could prove your English proficiency by presenting any of the following pieces of evidence:

  • A document to corroborate that your previous degree was taught in English

  • Proof of your English subject grades if they were promising

  • Any relevant certificate showcasing your English proficiency

  • Proof of acquiring your previous degree from an accredited educational institution recognized by the University of Queensland

  • Proof of having attended at least a two-year study program at a recognized educational institute

  • A minimum of three-year work experience in a professional English-speaking setting

2. Swinburne University of Technology

Another top-class university that’s very accommodating in terms of English proficiency is the Swinburne University of Technology. The internationally-recognized institute is located in Melbourne, the coastal capital of Victoria.

If you’re passionate about getting your higher education from SUT, you don’t necessarily need an IELTS or TOEFL. If you hold a high score on the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, Common European Framework (CEF), or VCE English, you can still qualify.

If even these don’t work for you, there are more avenues of opportunity. You can enroll yourself in a preparatory English course offered by the university. You’ll find two types of these courses: (1) General English and (2) English for Academic Purposes.

3. Bond University

Bond University is Australia’s very first private, not-for-profit education institute that’s built an international reputation. As a dedicated applicant with promising grades, you can prove your English proficiency in multiple ways:

  • A good score on the C1 Advanced or PTE Academic Tests

  • A document proving that you have completed your secondary education in an English-taught school in certain approved countries, including England, Canada, New Zealand, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

4. The University of New South Wales

When it comes to world-class educational institutes across multiple avenues — teaching, research, and advancement — the University of New South Wales does not disappoint! If you’re adamant about trying your luck there without an IELTS or TOEFL, you have a chance. The university accepts a wide variety of English qualifications.

If you’re willing to undertake a different test, the following are accepted:

  • PTE Academic

  • Cambridge Advanced English (CAE)

  • Cambridge Proficiency: English (CPE)

If you want to steer clear of tests altogether, you can also provide other relevant pieces of evidence to prove your English proficiency.

  • If your English subject grades in your previous degree were well above satisfactory, you can submit them to the admissions office.
  • If you’ve worked for at least 2 years in a professional English-speaking establishment, you can submit a letter of reference from your employer.

If you’re able to provide any of the above pieces of evidence to cite your proficiency, you won’t have any trouble!

5. The University of Southern Queensland

The University of Southern Queensland has received praise many times for the outstanding graduates it has produced for its community. You can promise yourself a bright future as a student of this esteemed institute.

The university will accept your English proficiency if you:

  • Have completed your previous course of study in English or
  • Are from an English-speaking country.

You also have a chance of qualifying if you have completed an AQF level 5 qualification, worked as an employee, or practiced an accredited occupation in Australia.

6. The University of Adelaide

The city of Adelaide is a remarkable place for students — friendly people, easy on the pockets, and very accessible. The University of Adelaide is a high-ranking educational institute that welcomes many international students every year!

If the admission committee deems your application as appealing, they can give you a chance without IELTS or TOEFL. You will be required to attend the university’s language preparatory course that takes one academic year. You’ll be required to take a test at the end of both semesters to prove your English skills.

7. The University of South Australia

To get approved into The University of South Australia, your English proficiency can be accepted in many ways. If not IELTS/TOEFL, you could take:

  • PTE Academic

  • CPE or CAE

  • Occupational English Test (OET) (Health Science Programs)

Alternatively, you can also undertake an English language course at CELUSA or another institution accredited by the University of South Australia.

8. Macquarie University

The last institute on our list is Macquarie University, another great place where you can prove your English skills in different ways. Aside from IELTS, the following certificates are accepted:

  • PTE Academic


  • OET

It’s not all about IELTS when it comes to showcasing your English language skills in Australian universities. Many institutes are prepared to give you a chance if you’ve got what it takes.

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