Permanent Australian Residency: All About ACS for Australian Migration

Information and communication technology (ICT) has experienced significant growth in Australia. Approximately $23 billion is generated annually by technology and information.

The government continues to support the development of this industry due to its ongoing growth.

Australia’s authorities developed a skills evaluation test to ensure only the best applicants can participate in their programmes and benefit from immigration to Australia. Immigrants must pass the ACS assessment before working in Australia’s technology sector, such as IT. Here’s everything you need to know about the ACS skills assessment for permanent residency in Australia.

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What’s the ACS Migration Skills Assessment?

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) Australia is a company that offers reviews on computers and technology. Their job is to ensure that only the best candidates pass the evaluation. ACS assesses applicants’ skills and qualifications to guarantee their capabilities help Australia’s economy grow.

The aim is to bring in qualified people who’ll meet the country’s job demands. The immigration committee can use this test to distinguish between qualified and unqualified applicants. A skilled worker is someone who has both formal education and work experience.

What Are the Educational ACS Requirements?

According to the Australian Assessment Guide, applicants must have an ICT minor or major. For your curriculum to qualify, a specific portion must be devoted to ICT.

What’s the ACS for the Australia Tech Sector?

The committee evaluates your programme and the time allotted to the Information and Communication Technology. This proportion must be high enough for your course’s hours to count. The percentage is smaller for higher education than for lower degrees.

For Associate Degrees and Diplomas/Certificates

Even those with an Associate’s degree or less can apply to join Australia’s technology sector. They must have studied ICT for 50% of their degree. These academic credentials count for your experience.

Regarding Bachelor’s Degrees

For a Bachelor’s Degree, the coursework’s ICT component must be at least 33%. You count as a major if you complete your degree in fewer than three years. Your abilities will still be assessed even if you earn the degree over a longer period, but it’s unsure if Australia accepts it.

For Graduate Degrees

The qualifying graduate degree programmes must include 50% (one and a half years) of ICT-based coursework. The undergraduate and graduate degrees are crucial to this degree. The graduate degree may not require much emphasis if the undergraduate Bachelor’s degree has at least 50% of its foundation in ICT.

What Paperwork Is Required?

The principal purpose of the documents you’ll need to successfully apply for a working visa isn’t merely to confirm your identity and your qualifications. To ensure you have everything you need, consult the application checklist. Here are the primary documents you should have for your application:

Passport: Verify your official passport’s name and other details to ensure they’re accurate and up-to-date.

Educational and degree certifications: Include the diploma or certificate, the name of the university or college, and proof of completion, including the date.

Transcripts: Your whole college record, including grades, must be arranged chronologically.

Employment history: evidence of voluntary work, previous paid work experience, and references.

Create a single PDF document for all of your documents. Any photographs or photos must be 3000pi and unencrypted.

Observe the system’s lead. It will guide you through every application step and ensure everything you type is accurate and spelled correctly.

How to Apply for the ACS Programme?

You must submit the necessary supporting documentation for the ACS programme. These comprise all transcripts and records attesting to prior, pertinent experience. Ensure you examine your programme’s visa requirements before you do this.

That way, your chances of tech pr Australia are intact. You can find out if you qualify for immigration to Australia by contacting a certified immigration consultant. According to your immigration goal, the Australian Home Affairs department website outlines the various visa types and requirements.

If you’re a technology expert, you’ll find the ‘skills evaluation’ tab to be especially helpful. Also, get help from a migration agent (MARA), who can help you determine the necessary documentation and submit it. The following sections will go into more detail about these steps.

Uploading the Correct Documents

Upload and submit the required paperwork through the online interface. Your credentials will be scanned and evaluated by the database. These files must be uploaded as PDFs.

Each coloured document must be clear and high-resolution. Ensure that none of the signed or e-signed copies is encrypted.

How Does ACS Calculate Your Work Experience?

ACS uses a point system when assessing a person’s education and job experience. You’ll need 65 points to apply for skilled work in Australia. Based on your experiences, these points are subtracted and added to your final score.

The ANZSCO for occupational codes is the ideal resource to consult to prepare for this assessment (Australian and New Zealand standard classification of occupations). According to the migration website, these factors determine how many years of relevant work experience you still need. Look over the Summary of Criteria to help you decide.

Employment Reference Letter

Include the time you began and ended work at the employer (if you still work for the same employer, write ‘to date’). Specify your duties and tasks, e.g., why they need you and what you do daily. The employer must personally attest to your character, morality, and abilities.

The letter must have an official signature and letterhead for the review committee to verify that what you are expressing is accurate.

Processing Times and Costs

The skills assessment takes about eight to 10 weeks to complete. It can take longer if ACS requires more documents.

Application Type

Fees in AUD (as of 3/7/2022)

Temporary Graduate – 485 Skills Assessment


Post Australian Study Skills Assessment


Skills (general application)


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


Review Application


Appeal Application  $395


Every major relocation is daunting, but the process can be quick and easy with the right resources. A knowledgeable agent can help you navigate the point system with the experience you need for success, paving the way for permanent Australian residency.

Do you need assistance with immigration to Australia? Are you interested in tech pr Australia? Schedule a free consultation today. UIS Australia offers many types of visas, including family visas, business visas, tourist visas, and student visas, to name a few. Last but not least, we can help with job searches.

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