Temporary vs. Permanent: What’s the Best Visa?

Sometimes, when we think about widening and broadening our horizons, it includes changing our career, turning back to the academe, or just a change of scenery. All of these can be summarized into one thing, moving to another country. And sometimes, that country is Australia.

Australia offers temporary work visas and permanent work visas that are similar but differ in so many ways. However, most of them allow you to work, study, and live temporarily and permanently. There are also temporary work visas to get if you initially planned to test the waters before going permanent. Yes, it is safe to say that they both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, as long as you know how to turn these disadvantages in your favor, well, you are good to go! 

When thinking of getting work in Australia, you may ask this one common yet difficult to answer question: What is the best temporary work visa or permanent work visa for me? Well, if you are looking for answers, then you are on the right track! Below will be a discussion on how a temporary working visa differs from the permanent one by examining and analyzing how they work, their benefits, their requirements, and the best immigration service in Australia to make it easier for you to decide what suits and caters to your needs more. 

Temporary Work Visa

According to the Department of Home Affairs of the Australian Government, temporary work visas let a person work in Australia, as its title implied, temporarily. Also, certain conditions will only allow a person to perform a specific job or under one particular employer. Thus, if you are one of those people who are looking for a temporary stay to work in Australia, this might be for you! Below is the list of some of the temporary work visas available:

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa or Subclass 482 

Among the temporary work visas, this allows an employer to sponsor a suitably skilled worker to fill in a vacant position that they could not find an Australian worker to fill. However, there are basic eligibilities to meet, and these are: must be nominated for a proficient position by a legal and approved sponsor; the right and appropriate skills for the job; lastly, attain the critical English language requirements.

Temporary Graduate Visa or Subclass 485 

If you are an international student who endeavors to stay in Australia, be it to study, live, and work, then this might just be for you. Among the temporary work visas, this allows international students to live, learn and work in Australia after finishing their studies. To be qualified, you should be below fifty years old, own an eligible visa, owned a student visa for the last six months, have the latest qualification for CRICOS Registered Course, and attached specified evidence when applying. However, it is essential to note that you should only apply for one stream because hopping from one stream to another is not permitted.

Skilled-Recognized Graduate Visa or Subclass 476 

This is made especially for engineering students who want to live, study, and work abroad in Australia for up to eighteen months. Thus, if you are an engineering student who wishes to study and work abroad for a short while of eighteen months, this might be the one among all the temporary work visas you are looking for. However, to be eligible for this subclass, you might need to be younger than 31 years old and have finished a degree or higher certifications from specified educational institutions in the past two years.

Skilled Regional Visa (Provisional) or Subclass 489

This is a temporary work visa offered to skilled employees who wish to live and work in Australia’s regional areas. If you are deemed eligible for this visa, you might be able to file for the Skilled Regional Visa (Permanent) or Subclass 887 (which we will discuss later). An added benefit of this visa is that this will let you bring your family to Australia. Thus, if you want to test the Australian waters before applying for an Australian working visa, this might be the best choice!

Working Holiday Visa

Australia’s Working Holiday Visa is an open work permit for young adults (ages 18 – 35). This visa allows you to work and travel in The Land Down Under without prior work experience, academic qualifications, and a job offer. You can work for almost any employer for up to 12 months. If you wish to continue your venture in Australia, you can later apply for a second, and third Working Holiday Visa.

Permanent Work Visa

Permanent work visas allow people who endeavor to live and permanently work in Australia, as the title implied. However, if you plan to obtain a permanent work visa, you should know that you are also automatically eligible for an Australian permanent residency visa. How wonderful right? Below is the list of some of the available permanent work visas in Australia:

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa or Subclass 187 

Among the permanent work visas, this allows skilled employees to work and live in regional Australia permanently. However, it is essential to remember that in Subclass 182, a legit Australian employer in regional Australia should nominate you as one of their workers. You must be younger than forty-five years old and meet every requirement, needed skills for the job, and the required English literacy.

Employer Nomination Scheme Visa or Subclass 186 

In the list of permanent work visas, this lets skilled workers live and work in Australia permanently as long as their Australian employers nominate them. Other basic eligibilities include the needed skills for the job and meeting the health and character requirements.

Skilled Independent Visa or Subclass 189 

If you are a New Zealand citizen, this might just be the best one for you. Subclass 189 is a permanent work visa that invites New Zealand citizens and workers to permanently live and work anywhere in Australia and have an Australian permanent residency visa. However, there are two streams to consider. 

First is the point-tested stream, which lets a younger than forty-five years old person work and live in Australia without a sponsor as long as they are invited for application. The second stream is the New Zealand stream that allows eligible New Zealand citizens that contribute and commit to Australia an Australian permanent residency. However, to be qualified, you must be a holder of a New Zealand Special Category Visa (Subclass 444) and have stayed in Australia for the past five years. 

Skilled Nomination Visa or Subclass 190 

Similar to other permanent work visas, this allows a nominated skilled employee to stay and work in Australia permanently. By obtaining this visa, you can also get an Australian permanent residency visa. However, you must pass the necessary skills assessment for a job that is under the skilled lists, be invited to apply for this particular visa, and, lastly, meets the required points test. Additionally, you can also sponsor your family and relatives with this visa if they wish to apply for Australian permanent residency, which can be considered a bonus.

Skilled Regional Visa or Subclass 887 

If you previously held an eligible visa that expired outside Australia during concession or is currently holding one, then this is for you. Among the permanent work visas, this is for those who have worked and lived in Australia’s particular regional areas on a previous, accepted visa. 

However, there are regulations to follow: you must have stayed in Australia for at least two years and became a full-time worker in any Australian region unless the concessions for the Covid-19 Pandemic are applied. An added benefit of this visa will be the chance to sponsor an eligible family member if they wish to apply for an Australian permanent residency visa.

Temporary or Permanent Working Visa, What Should I Choose?

When deciding between a temporary or permanent working visa, the most important thing to consider is yourself. You will be working and living in Australia, so it will be crucial to consider what you really want. Are you staying temporarily just to test the waters, or are you now sure that living and working in Australia is really the one thing you want? 

Filing for visa applications can be a tedious and meticulous process. It will probably take so much of your time and energy just by processing the requirements, so we advise you to ask yourself, again and again, to avoid wasting your time and resources. 

Seeking advice from experts or people who know immigration the best is never a bad thing. Thus, never be afraid of asking because we assure you that there will be someone who will help, such as UIS Australia.

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