Moving to Australia? Get help from Australia Immigration Consultants

Australia is the world’s sixth-largest country in the world (by total area), with advanced health care and educational structures, solid democratic policies, and a thriving economy. These advantages, besides immigrant-friendly policies and immigration incentives maintained by the Australian government, make Australia one of the most favored immigration destinations for people on a global scale. Indeed, in 2019, over 500,000 people immigrated to Australia.

Moving to Australia? Get help from Australian Immigration Consultants

If you’re perusing this article, you are in all likelihood considering immigration to Australia or have been mulling over the idea for some time. You’ve resolved to leave your home country and relocate to Australia – “The Lucky Country”.  So, the first step you need to take is to apply for the relevant visa and weigh up your options for Australia immigration, in order to make a calculated decision that is right for you:

  • General Skilled Migration Visas (GSM) – one of the most sought-after immigration programs in Australia. The General Skilled Migration Visas afford an opportunity for skilled individuals to join Australia’s workforce and become permanent residents. Depending on your particular skills, education, and work experience, you may be entitled to one of the GSM visas for permanent or temporary work.

  • Family Visas – each year, Australia approves thousands of Family Visas to support immigrants who wish to reunite with their families. If you have family members, a spouse, or common-law partner with Australian citizenship or permanent residency, they can sponsor you to legally live, work, and study in Australia, aside from receiving social benefits.

  • Student Visas – Australia academics are internationally recognized and are considered to be top-notch, which illustrates why in 2019, over 720,000 international students enrolled in Australia’s academic institutions (an 11% increase over the previous year). By enrolling at one of Australia’s universities and choosing a degree relevant to a highly demanded profession, you may become eligible for permanent residency.

Overall, Australia presents over 60 types of visas that accommodate immigrants from numerous professional, academic, and personal backgrounds. Once you are found eligible for an Australian visa that is suited to your qualifications, the world will be your oyster.

However, primarily choosing the correct visa for you, together with a myriad of other fundamental decisions that are involved in the immigration process, is not an easy task, and nor is it advised to make alone.

Australia Immigration consultants facilitate the process for people to emigrate from one country to another by streamlining the legal and documentation process, to boost the chances of immigration for study, work, and travel or business purposes.

You can apply for immigration independently. However, it can and in all likelihood will become a time-consuming and tedious process, or you can call on an Australia immigration consultant to assist you with the process.  Australia immigration consultants are professionals who will guide and advise you throughout obtaining your Australian visa. The Australia immigration consultants are professionally qualified and knowledgeable in the criteria of applying for a visa and can therefore direct you through your application process with ease.

The Australian visa application process can look easy at first glance, and you may feel like you can handle it on your own, but once you get down to the nitty-gritty of the procedure and the specific requirements, you may feel the need for an immigration agent. We are going to break down exactly what using an immigration consultancy will do for you:

Save you time and money

Moving to Australia? Get help from Australian Immigration Consultants

Obtaining a visa can be a much smoother and expedited process using the services of Australia immigration consultants because their expertise and services enable you to complete your application with precision and speed, as using their services ensure nothing gets missed, documentation is correct, and submitted on time and this ultimately means your application can be lodged and processed as quickly as possible and without unnecessary delay or money spent.

They help you avoid costly mistakes; Visa applications are often delayed when the government requests more specific information or a mistake is made – this can add time to your immigration process. Immigration consultants, however, know all the requirements for each visa type and will arrange all documents required to make your application as impressive as possible. This means you should be able to avoid the back and forth and go straight to approval.

All this ultimately relieves you of unnecessary stress, making it a smooth sailing experience. The immigration process can be perplexing – it’s not just filling out a form or two! Immigration involves hours of paperwork and document submissions– all of which must be correctly completed, compiled, and submitted within a tight timeframe. Australia immigration consultants will take care of this headache on your behalf, whilst keeping you up to speed on every step of the process.

Create a personalized immigration strategy for you

Moving to Australia? Get help from Australian Immigration Consultants

Just as everybody is different, so is each individual immigration case.

Everybody’s skills, needs, and profile are unique and this means their immigration path may be too.

Starting with an evaluation, the Australia immigration consultants’ job is to assess your eligibility and use the information provided, to find the best route to get you to your desired destination.

The common approach is not always relevant when it comes to immigration; the expert strategists take your individual needs into consideration and have the know-how to identify all your options and provide you with tailored advice and solutions for your specific situation, guiding you to a successful application.

To put it simply, they will direct you so that you have a full understanding of your goals and aspirations. They will then set up a course of action to help you achieve these goals.

Improve your chances of being approved

Moving to Australia? Get help from Australian Immigration Consultants

While a visa application is never guaranteed to be successful, immigration agents often have higher success rates than applicants who wish to do it on their own.

This is due to the advanced experience and skills that migration agents bring to the table, and often doing it alone means that you have a high risk of refusal.

There are more than a hundred different subclasses of visas to choose from, and applicants usually choose the wrong stream of visas to apply for. Australia immigration consultants are able to use their expertise to determine the suitability and eligibility for each visa and are also in a position to evaluate the possible prospects for success.

The Australian visa system is very strict – just one wrong move can result in visa rejection. Many refusals come from applicants who make minor errors, such as uploading incorrect documents or not uploading adequate substantive evidence. Don’t make these 5 Most Common Visa Application Mistakes.

If you want to prevent these errors, it is better to employ the services of a migration agent to do this job, as they ensure that your application follows all the rules and regulations.

Moreover, It’s important to note that a visa denial leaves a permanent mark on your immigration record. This means that refusal will affect your chances of success if you plan to apply for another Australian visa. So, taking a small step with an immigration consultant can mean a big investment in your future (bear in mind that if you have been refused in the past – you might still have the opportunity to immigrate to Australia). See examples here.

Now that we have concluded all the reasons why you should use Australia immigration consultants to aid you with your immigration process, the next question would be who to choose.

The key factor when deciding who to hold your hand through the process should be ensuring the Australia immigration consultant is associated with The Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA); which is the governing body that regulates all migration consultants in Australia.

According to The Migration Institute of Australia, they help maintain the integrity of the industry by accepting members who exemplify the highest standard of migration practice and leadership.  This means that they are vetted and recognized by the Australian government to help applicants with their visa applications.

The office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority states that Immigration assistance (under section 276 of the Migration Act 1958) is when a person uses or claims to use knowledge of, or experience in migration procedure to assist with visa applications or other visa matters by:

  • Preparing, or helping to prepare, a visa application or other document

  • Advising about a visa application or visa matter

  • Preparing for proceedings before a court or review authority in relation to a visa application or visa matter

  • Representing in proceedings before a court or review authority in relation to a visa application or visa matter.

The Australian Government actually sanctions migration consultants who are not doing their job properly or are acting unethically.

If you’re curious, you can read more about their policies and required strict codes of conduct that must be adhered to on the MARA website.

Hopefully, you now understand why it makes sense to use a registered migration agent.

How UIS Australia Can Help

Moving to Australia? Get help from Australian Immigration Consultants

At UIS Australia we have chosen first-class professionals who are experts in the field of Australian immigration, to ensure that we can provide a transparent and diverse range of consultancy services to our various clientele and their personal journeys, across the globe.

We work exclusively with fully authorized Regulated Australia Immigration Consultants. These are consultants of good standing, certified by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

We hereby guarantee that our Australia immigration consultants have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your application fully complies with all the Australian government’s legal requirements, giving you the highest possible chance of success.

Bear in mind that we are not magicians – we nor any other migration agents are able to influence the results of your visa application process or promise you a visa.

The first thing we will do is assess your eligibility, then you will be assigned to a personal Australia immigration consultant that will guide you through the whole immigration process from A-Z, and finally, we will lodge your visa application for you.

Most importantly, we will look out for your best interests; you always have us by your side, advocating for your application and immigration to be accepted and helping you achieve your goals.

So what’s left to say? Contact UIS Australia‘s immigration team today to book an eligibility assessment. Click the button to contact our team today.

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