How to Find Work in Australia if You Don’t Have Experience

People travel to Australia in droves to look for employment and good pay. And who could blame them? Some of Australia’s well-known attractions are kangaroos, barbecues, and a sacred red rock in the heart of the outback.

But Australia offers a lot more. A fantastic work-life balance that completely disgraces most countries, plus unbeatable benefits, make Australia an excellent country to live in and work in. You can find a job in Australia while on an Australian Working Holiday Visa – the simplest, most affordable, and legal option.

Here are some details on how to work abroad in Australia and what it’s like.

Getting a Working Holiday Visa in Australia

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If you’re from the US or some 40 other countries and between 18 and 30, you’ll be applying for the subclass 462 working holiday visa. If you’re Canadian, Irish, or French, you can be between 18 and 35 years old. A subclass 417 visa would be obtained for most EU and a few other locations.

 To be eligible for a visa to work abroad in Australia, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Age requirement

  • 5,000 AUD in the bank

  • High school diploma and able to speak English

  • Have a valid passport

  • Pay the application fee

  • Health insurance covering your stay

  • Unaccompanied by dependent children

  • No serious medical concerns or criminal convictions

Understanding the Work Culture in Australia

There’s a good reason why people google “Work abroad Australia” often. While the minimum wage in Australia is AUD 19.49 per hour, you’ll likely get more. Also, Australia has a much better work-life balance than, say, America.

You’re expected to unwind, socialise with your loved ones, and enjoy your free time for leisure’s sake.

Working in Australia Without Experience

Australia employs travellers from all backgrounds. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or haven’t done if you’re coming to work overseas in Australia.

There are people with years of unconnected experience who squeeze in their working holiday visa before their 30th birthday. Others are teenage travellers who have barely framed their high school diplomas. Finding work in Australia for foreigners is possible for literally anyone; neither experience nor proof that you’re a skilled worker is necessary.

Tips for Hunting and Landing a Job in Australia Without Experience

Even if you don’t need lots of experience – it’s all about your attitude and how you present yourself. Most employers want to be sure you’re determined to find work once you arrive in Australia. Are you genuinely interested in the position, or have you already decided to head elsewhere in three weeks?

Can you prove you intend to stay for at least six months? When you’re able to schedule an interview, spruce yourself up and highlight your best characteristics. Don’t lament your lack of experience; instead, play to your abilities.

Where to Look for a Job? Big Cities vs Small Towns

Are you a fan of big cities? Then Darwin with its laid-back small-town atmosphere isn’t for you. Rest assured, you can find several large cities down under, but the labour market is competitive.

Backpackers throng Australia’s east coast. They party in Sydney, go surfing at the weekend and generally live it up.

Small-Town Jobs in Australia

Working in a small town is worth it. Municipalities need workers who stay for more than a few days. Thus, salaries are usually good and occasionally even better than in big cities.

There are fewer things to do in exchange for a lively, enjoyable city with local shops and tiny suburbs galore. Darwin itself hasn’t much to offer in the city centre, which has a rural feel. But outside, there are so many things to do, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Big City Jobs in Australia

It’s okay to take the city route. Just be aware that every other traveller looking for work in Australia will be doing the same, entering stores and eateries with a CV in hand. Melbourne is a good choice if you’re keen to live in a city and avoid the east coast, where everyone else is.

Melbourne boasts plenty of job opportunities, excellent wages, and fantastic apartments to lead a comfortable life. Competition is not as fierce as in Sydney, and jobs are better paid in Melbourne.

Benefits of Working in Australia

After a successful interview and your first job in Australia, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the incredible benefits of working in this laid-back nation. These are the main benefits of getting an Australian Working Holiday Visa:

  • Excellent work-life balance

  • People in the hospitality industry don’t have to pay for food

  • The pay is fantastic for most jobs

  • When you leave Australia, you can claim the money your employer set aside for your superannuation

  • The chance to earn vacation days even if you aren’t a permanent worker

  • Your company can sponsor you if you wish to work permanently in Australia

  • Great social benefits

  • It isn’t difficult to find employment in Australia without experience

Nothing beats living and working abroad in Australia. We recommend travelling to the east coast and living and working in cities like Melbourne. Getting an Australian working holiday visa and finding work is not challenging at all down under.

Travellers make up a portion of their labour force, which is why Australia welcomes backpackers and young working adults. What more could you ask for than working for a company that values you and recognises that you have a life outside of work?

Do you need help with immigration to Australia? Do you have any concerns regarding Australian working holiday visas? Schedule a free consultation today. UIS Australia offers many types of visas, including family visas, business visas, tourist visas, and student visas, to name a few. Besides, we can also help you find a job.

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