How to Move to Australia from the UK

Everyone dreams about doing better in life. We may start with small changes, such as working out more, eating healthier, meeting new people, etc. Some of us may take bigger risks, such as changing our workplace, studying a completely different profession, and even moving to an entirely different country.

Still, to achieve this, we always have to take one step at a time. If you are thinking of moving to Australia from the UK, you will need some extra time and preparation to do so (to say the least). It requires not only determination and courage but good research into the new life you’re about to embark on.

Do you see yourself thriving in Australia? Do you see a more fulfilling future for your family?

Australia is a beautiful place to visit; it is a land of stunning contrasts and breathtaking elegance. Everyone can visit its lively multicultural towns and national parks, experience its famous sand islands and beaches, explore its ancient forests, climb its blue mountains, and more (check out the 5 most magical places to visit in Australia). However, apart from these natural wonders and sceneries, there are advantages and disadvantages here, like all countries. Nevertheless, it provides opportunities for having a great life for any immigrant.

With this upcoming guide, you will learn everything you need to know about moving to Australia from the UK to help you make an educated decision.

Comparisons Between Australia and the United Kingdom

Before moving to Australia from the UK, it is better to study and learn some similarities and differences between the two. You might want to take a look at these:


Australian and British cultures are generally quite similar. Having strong historical ties is a strong contributing factor. Both countries speak the same language, support individuality, multi-culturalism, and religious diversity, to name a few.

However, there are some prominent differences. For example, you may notice that Australians have a more pragmatic approach to life, demonstrating a more adventurous and risk-taking profile. Arguably, the UK has a more reserved perspective and worry more about consequences, making a good impression on others, and how their actions or speech may impact the feelings of others.

Australians are also known for their “dark” or “slapsticky” sense of humor, which may come across to others as offensive or disrespectful. It’s important to keep this in mind when you will get to know the people and start to socialize. It’s not to say that all Australians are like that, but these are definitely prominent attributes.

Another difference you may notice is that Aussies like to participate more in outdoor activities and sports. This is also one of the reasons why Australia is considered one of the healthiest nations in the world. On the other hand, Brits are notably more “indoors types”. 

Work-Life Balance

In Australia, you may notice that Australia’s relaxed approach to life applies to their work as well. It’s not that Aussies don’t care about their jobs; instead, they managed to create a healthy work-life balance. For them, working should be a part of your life; a means to live a life you have always dreamed of. But it shouldn’t encompass your life and become overbearing. One of the main contributing factors to this are the exceptionally high minimum wages, as well as some of the lowest tax rates in the world!

Conversely, the United Kingdom has an inferior work-life balance. They suffer long hours of work and a high volume of workloads. Moreover, they are not compensated well for taking additional responsibilities and staying longer than usual at work. Working in Australia, you may experience your work-life differently and enjoy more free time to spend with your family, friends, or other activities.

There are dozens of in-demand jobs in Australia for British citizens. Here are some of the in-demand jobs for you:

  • Accountants

  • Arts and Media Professionals.

  • Auditors, Company Secretaries, and Corporate Treasurers

  • Bricklayers and Stonemasons

  • Chefs

  • Database and Systems Administrators and ICT Security Specialists

  • Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teachers

  • Electricians

  • General Practitioners and Resident Medical officers

  • Health and Welfare Services Managers

  • Industrial, Mechanical, and Production Engineers

  • Management consultants

  • Other Specialist Managers

  • Psychologists

  • Registered Nurses

  • Social workers

  • University Lecturers and Tutors

  • Wall and Floor Tilers


The weather in Australia is quite comfortable. Depending on where you live, you might experience more sunny days than others. For example, Northern Australia (Darwin, Palmerston, Alice Springs…) has more of a tropical climate. The East Coast of Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane…) can experience faster changes in weather. You may experience sun and rain in the same day. Which is similar to what happens in the UK often.

Why British People Should Move to Australia

British immigrants in Australia for the past six decades (between July 1, 1947, to June 30, 1962), accounted for 48.33% of Australia’s total migration. Brits’ immigration to Australia continues and grows to this very day. Here are some good reasons why you should feel comfortable in Australia as a British citizen:

Awesome Quality of Life

Australia is a world leader in terms of quality of life, measured by life expectancy, fitness, living standards, and educational attainment. Moving to Australia from UK is a brilliant idea if one is seeking a more laid-back lifestyle, cleaner environment, and a lower cost of living.

Earth-Friendly Environment

Aussies care for their environment and maintain the cleanliness and neatness of their surroundings. Australia also boasts some of the cleanest air and water in the world.

Economy and Wealth

When it comes to the economy, Australia ranks 13th in the world. Many people from around the world have flocked to the country because of its long history of economic prosperity, career, and academic opportunities. Emigrating to Australia is also a good choice because of its impact on poverty alleviation.

If you like to go out to restaurants, another good point to mention is that eating out in Australia is much cheaper. For example, if you compare Melbourne and London, the cost of eating out is %23 cheaper in Melbourne!

Excellent Educational System

Australia offers an excellent educational system for yourself and your kids. World-renowned institutions can boost your professional success. Free education for your children (up to a certain age) can help you easily provide them with quality education. For more information, you can check out our page of Australia Student Visa.

Friendly Approach

Aussies are very approachable and easy-going people who love to socialize. According to surveys, Australians also take kindly to new immigrants. And remember, if someone’s says he’s a crook, he probably means that he just feels sick. Here’s a fun guide to awesome Australian slang terms.

Healthcare System

Australia’s comprehensive public health insurance program (Medicare) is implemented regionally and funded by general tax revenue and a federal levy. Citizens who receive free public hospital treatment and substantial coverage for physician services, pharmaceuticals, and some other services are automatically registered.

Additionally, it is usual in Australia to have been visited by a doctor, at least once, whenever Aussies are not feeling well. Having a same-day appointment is a dream come true!

There are countless reasons why Brits are emigrating to Australia. The only way to find out why is to take your first step. Questioning how you can go about this? Consider consulting with our team at UIS Australia on how to start your journey.

Immigration Programs for British Citizens

In order to legally move to Australia as a British citizen, you need to qualify for one of the country’s immigration programs. Different programs have different eligibility requirements, so, be sure to do careful research. Here are some of the most popular immigration programs available to British immigrants and other nationalities alike:

  • General Skilled Migration Visas: skilled migrants are chosen based on several factors, such as their occupation, age, work experience, and more. Upon approval, you can apply for permanent residency in Australia.

  • Working Holiday Visas: if you’re not sure whether you want to move permanently to Australia, you can always opt for a Working Holiday Visa or other temporary work permits. For more information, consult your immigration agent.

  • Business Visas: successful business owners and investors are encouraged to settle in Australia, develop their careers, and create new business opportunities.

  • Family Visas: if you have a relative or partner with Australian permanent residency or citizenship, they can sponsor you to live permanently in Australia.

Emigrating to Australia: Getting Started

If you don’t already have Australian citizenship, it is important that you obtain the proper visa before traveling to the country. You can tour our website for information about the different types of visas available, as well as their eligibility requirements. If you require assistance jump-starting your application process, you can count on our team to help you get started, as well as provide tailored solutions to every challenge. You can book a free consultation today via the button below!

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