Exceptionally Talented People Wanted in Australia

Exceptionally Talented People Wanted in Australia

Australia is one of the strongest technology powerhouses in the world – and that did not happen out of the blue. Years of welcoming immigration from around the world, supporting Australian citizens and encouraging growth in every aspect of life lead to Australia becoming one of the most innovative and technologically advanced countries out there.

But with growing competition around the world and the need to keep up, Australia developed a visa program called: The Global Talent Visa Program. This visa program is intended for highly skilled people who want to live and work in Australia permanently. These highly skilled people will be recruited to one of seven main sectors, mainly focusing on innovation and hi-tech.

The goal of The Global Talent Visa Program is to attract bright and talented people who can contribute their knowledge and expertise in these sectors, promote innovations and create job opportunities for Australians.

Those selected for The Global Talent Visa Program will be granted Australia permanent residency. Permanent residency provides many benefits:

  1. Access to free, public healthcare
  2. Access to free education (up to a certain age)
  3. Access to a high standard of life at low costs
  4. Sponsor your family to come live with you
  5. Live in a safe and comfortable environment

As of 2019-2020, there are 5,000 places where qualified applicants can work under this visa program. So, who is eligible for this unique visa program? Let’s look at the main criteria:

  1. You must be skilled in one of the 7 sectors:
    AgTech, FinTech, MedTech, Cyber Security, Energy and Mining Technology, Space and Advanced Manufacturing, Data Science and ICT, Quantum Information and Advanced Digital.
  2. You must prove that you are internationally recognized with exceptional achievements
  3. You must prove that you will be an asset to Australia in your field

If you think that you might be a good fit for The Global Talent Visa Program, you should speak to one of our immigration consultants at UIS Australia. UIS Australia’s team of immigration consultants will evaluate your eligibility for this visa program as well as others, provide professional consultation and guidance, and ensure your visa application is submitted successfully. Click below to get started.