General Skilled Migration Visas – Who is Eligible?

General Skilled Migration Visas – Who is Eligible?

Australia is nicknamed “The Land of Immigrants” for two main reasons:
1. The fact that it was built on immigrants and 2. Its immigrant friendly policies.

Ever since the immigration waves started in the 1800’s, the Australian government kept promoting more immigration opportunities, programs and incentives to people who wanted to start a new life for themselves. As Australia included more and more immigrants, the country continuously grew economically, culturally and in almost every other aspect of life there.

One of the main and most popular immigration programs is called: “The General Skilled Migration Program”.

What is the General Skilled Migration Program?

The General Skilled Migration program is for immigrants with particular skills, knowledge and professional experience suited for the job demands in Australia. The list of demanded professions is updated on the SkillSelect Job Occupation List. Eligible skilled immigrants can eventually apply for permanent residency in Australia.

The General Skilled Migration Program includes three types of work visas: Skilled Independent Visa, Skilled Nominated Visa, Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa.

Who is eligible for the General Skilled Migration Program?

Overall, each visa type under this program has its own specific requirements, but there is a main criterion each individual must meet in order to apply:

  1. Have a relevant, highly demanded profession
  2. Have a skills assessment for your profession
  3. Achieve a minimum of 65 points on the points test
  4. Prove your proficiency in English
  5. Meet health and character requirements
  6. Be invited to apply for the visa

What are the benefits of the General Skilled Migration Program?

Besides being to able to explore a new country and perhaps make some career and/or business connections, the General Skilled Migration Program provides a number of other great benefits:

  1. Sponsor your family to come live with you
  2. Apply for permanent residency
  3. Receive social benefits (such as free health care and education)
  4. Develop a career in a strong economy
  5. Enjoy high living standards at low costs

Find out how you qualify for the General Skilled Migration Program in Australia!

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