Top 10 highest-paying Computer and IT jobs in Australia

One of the highest paying jobs in Australia is in the field of information technology. In fact, not just in this country, but in the world. Some of the world’s billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jack Ma are in the tech industry.

If you aspire to immigrate to Australia and work in the tech industry, you’re in for a treat because the country offers thousands of vacancies in said field. As per the latest occupation ceiling in Australia for the 2020-2021 program year, there are about 2,245 available jobs for computer network professionals, 8,405 jobs for software and applications programmers, and over 5,000 for other ICT-related jobs.

So, what job makes the most money in the tech industry? What are the roles of each job and what salary can you expect? Read on to know more.

1. IT Systems Architect

Roles: The responsibilities of IT system architects are to design, deliver, and support any IT project of an organization. They help design the right IT strategy that will support and give the best outcome to the organization’s plans and goals. They are also responsible for recommending and designing the right tools, hardware, software, framework, and other tech elements.

To become a system architect, you need to develop certain skills such as a working knowledge of information processing fundamentals, strategizing system architecture plans, system and network creation plus development, analytical skills, troubleshooting skills, etc.

Salary: Approximately 94,000 AUD to 145,000 AUD per year

2. IT Manager

Roles: IT managers serve as the leaders in the IT department of an organization. They oversee the data and network security of the organization, develop and implement IT policies, design training programs, and provide direction for IT staff. They also determine the IT needs of the organization and recommend the best tech tools to use to ensure the success of the set goals.

This job is considered to be one of the highest paying jobs in Australia, but in order to get this position, you need to have at least five years of relevant experience. You also need to have strong project management skills, technical skills, and organizational skills.

Salary: Approximately 155,000 AUD to 245,000 AUD per year

3. IT Security Architect

Roles: Security architects are responsible for securing an organization’s computer system. They are responsible to prohibit hackers from stealing important data, hence, it’s important they know how to think like a hacker. They must have the ability to anticipate a hacker’s tactic and create a strategy to protect the computer systems. Their role also includes identifying weaknesses and developing ways to strengthen security, conduct risk analyses, penetration tests, and ethical hacks on VPN, WAN, and LAN.

Becoming a security architect would require you to have these skills: knowledge in IT risk management, a solid understanding of authentication, authorization, cryptography, security protocols, and security.

Salary: Approximately 116,178 AUD to 197,552 AUD per year

4. Cloud Engineers

Roles: Cloud engineers are in charge of planning, designing, implementing, managing, maintaining, and supporting cloud-based systems for organizations. In a nutshell, they are responsible for performing all the technical duties related to cloud computing. 

Also being one of the highest paying jobs in Australia, it’s worth knowing the skills you need to develop to be a cloud engineer. These skills include a strong grasp of the different cloud service providers, mastery of the Linux OS, programming skills, networking and Internet protocols, DevOps and Containerization, understanding virtualization, security and recovery, and web services and API.

Salary: Approximately 128,223 AUD to 159,662 AUD per year

5. Data Scientist

Roles: Data scientists are responsible for analyzing large amounts of data or raw information to find patterns that are essential to the company’s improvement. They build data products that will enable them to extract valuable insights to help a company analyze trends and make better decisions. 

Some of the skills needed for this job include math and statistics, research, analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Salary: Approximately 147,000 AUD to 223,000 AUD per year

6. Python Developers

Roles: Python developers are IT professionals responsible for developing back-end components, writing and designing programming scripts, support front-end developers through integration with Python applications, and connect their applications to third-party web services. 

In order to become a Python developer, you must have these skills: mastery in Core Python, knowledge of web frameworks, analytical skills, etc. 

Salary: Approximately 95,300 AUD to 152,000 AUD per year

7. IT Consultants

Roles: IT consultants are usually external analysts who are responsible for evaluating a company’s IT systems. They learn and understand a company’s business needs and goals, analyze and diagnose the company’s IT infrastructure, then recommend a technology solution to help them meet their business plans and goals. In some cases, they are also asked to design and implement their recommended solution. 

Some of the skills you need for this job are attention to detail, ability to meet high standards, problem-solving skills, analytical and technical skills, management skills, and interpersonal skills.

Salary: Approximately 76,250 AUD to 111,792 AUD per year

8. Project Managers

Roles: IT project managers look after the planning, scheduling, implementing, monitoring, and submitting reports of the IT projects. Aside from performing the technical duties, they are also responsible for managing the IT staff. 

So, what skills do a good IT project manager need? They involve technical expertise, people management skills, problem-solving skills, and good business awareness.

Salary: Approximately 104,000 AUD to 164,000 AUD per year

9. Telecoms Technician

Roles: Telecoms Technicians are responsible for a wide range of services including providing repair, installation, modification, and upgrade of a company’s telecommunications systems and equipment. They find technical faults by conducting diagnostic testing, check for exposed cables and fixing them, and order components and parts for replacement as needed.

Salary: Approximately 80,000 AUD to 149,000 AUD per year

10. DevOps Engineer

Roles: DevOps Engineers work with IT staff members, system operators, and software developers to manage the release of codes. They are responsible for removing the barriers existing between the operations team and software development team. In essence, they’re responsible for integrating all aspects of the product life cycle within a company from planning, to building, testing, deployment, up to support.

If you want to be a DevOps Engineer you need to develop these skills: understanding of the Linux operating system, knowledge of DevOps technology and tools, cloud computing, configuration management, and collaboration and communication.

Salary: Approximately 130,000 AUD to 170,000 AUD per year

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