Let’s Go, Partner! Australia Partner Visas

Is your spouse or common-law partner an Australian citizen, has Australian permanent residency, or has New Zealand citizenship? Then you can join them in Australia and become an Australian permanent resident (with a pathway to Australian citizenship).

Choosing a place to establish your new life is one of the most exciting decisions to make, especially when you are making this decision with your loving partner. Luckily, Australia has the perfect visas for you:

Australia’s Partner Visa category is for married couples or couples in de facto relationships where one of the two has Australian citizenship, permanent residency, or lives in Australia permanently with eligible New Zealand citizenship.

There are two Partner Visas:
The Temporary Partner Visa – Subclass 820
The Permanent Partner Visa – Subclass 801

The process of joining your partner in Australia and becoming an Australian permanent resident is divided into two: first, you need to apply for the Temporary Partner Visa – Subclass 820 to gain entry into Australia and start living with your partner. Next, once two years have passed, you will need to apply for The Permanent Partner Visa – Subclass 801, to obtain Australian permanent residency.

*It’s important to note that the same person who sponsored you through the Temporary Partner Visa will need to sponsor you in two years for the Permanent Partner Visa.

The eligibility requirements to apply for the Partner Visas are relatively simple and straightforward. Take the Temporary Partner Visa for example:

  • Be in a genuine relationship with your partner who has Australian citizenship, permanent residency, or New Zealand citizenship

  • Be in Australia when applying for this visa

  • Meet health and character requirements

  • Meet language proficiency requirements

If you are ready to start your exciting journey – we’re ready to assist!
For more information on how to apply for the Partner Visas, or to explore additional visa options to enter Australia, contact a personal immigration agent at UIS Australia today.

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Ron Ford

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