Melbourne Vs. Sydney – Which one is better?

We all have our personal opinions about the places we visited, lived in, or briefly passed by during our travels because each of our experiences is completely individual to us. One city may seem like the best place on earth to us, while that same place may have been a complete disappointment to someone else.

If you have been thinking about immigrating to Australia and you’ve narrowed down your choices to just two places – Melbourne or Sydney – then stress no further! Let’s look at what each of these cities has to offer to the new immigrants.

Life in Sydney

Melbourne Vs. Sydney - which one is better?

With a vibrant scene of impressive architecture, musical, literary, and other artistic activities, as well as diverse cultures and a comfortable year-round climate, Sydney stands out as one of the most fascinating and enriching cities in Australia. Upon arrival, you are welcomed by the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera house (the combination of which makes for a stunning view). The Sydney tower allows you to overlook beautiful scenery, and the bright, sandy beaches are available to you almost all year long thanks to Sydney’s (relatively) stable climate. Moreover, Sydney is known to having an extremely multi-cultural society due to its waves of immigration from over 180 nationalities, starting over 200 years ago.

If you are all about culture, a sunny climate, and community – Sydney is definitely the place for you. If not, perhaps Melbourne is your ideal destination:

Life in Melbourne

Melbourne Vs. Sydney - which one is better?

Melbourne is considered to be very ‘hip’ and dynamic, with an exciting city-center, beautiful parks, and many outdoor activities. Stroll the streets alongside bright and colorful street art, rock out at the Palais Theatre to exciting rock music concerts (or at the Corner Hotel, the Evelyn Hotel, the Spotted Mallard, the Post Office Hotel, the Ding-Dong Lounge, and the Esplanade Hotel – yes, there are a lot of these places), get sports-mad at the MCG and shop ’till you drop! Melbourne is all about outdoor activities, the live music scene, sporting events, festivals, and shopping. Oh, and let’s not forget you’ll get to enjoy to the best coffee in the world, as voted by thousands of people around the world.

Feel like you might be close to a decision?

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Ron Ford

Ron Ford immigrated with his family to Australia in 2005 to work as a social worker. Following their difficult immigration process, he slowly turned to blogging and creating content about immigration: "…As a family of 5, we struggled to make ends meet. I was working around the clock and Clarissa was working in housekeeping any time she could spare. The move to Australia completely changed our lives, but it cost us a lot of money, time, and tears. Ever since I've wanted to help others on their journeys the way I wished someone had helped us".

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