The Easiest Way to Obtain Australian PR in 2020

Obtaining Australia permanent residency is the dream of thousands of people around the world (it was a dream come true for over 160,000 immigrants in 2019!). It is for good reason that people find Australia so attractive; Australia is safe and very kind to immigrants, providing settlement services, language classes, grant-based funding for projects promoting social integration, and more.

Australia is definitely a great option if you are considering relocation to a new country. These are some of the benefits that come with Australia permanent residency:

  • You will be free to live, work and study anywhere in Australia

  • Your family will be able to move in with you and obtain permanent residency

  • Your children will be eligible for free education (up to a certain age)

  • You will be able to register with Australia’s free healthcare services (known as “Medicare”)

  • You will be able to sponsor your other relatives to live in Australia

However, not being familiar with the Australian immigration system, and depending on the type of visa you want to apply for, the application process might get tricky. So, you must be wondering: what is the easiest way to obtain Australian PR in 2020?

Australia’s immigration system is considered to be one of the best in the world, as it provides many options for immigration (over 60 types of visas and visa subclasses). Out of all the available immigration programs, the General Skilled Migration Program is potentially the easiest way to obtain Australia permanent residency.

Each year the Australian government determines how many visa applications will be approved per program, and the General Skilled Migration Program has the most spots. The reason for this is that for many years, especially following the 2020 pandemic, Australia has been after skilled immigrants to help support the economy, aging population, and low birth rates.

If you are seriously considering immigration to Australia but you can’t decide what is the best immigration route for you, the General Skilled Migration Program might be your ideal option. With many spots available and Australia’s need for more skilled workers, this might become a simpler route.

Alternatively, you can contact a personal immigration consultant to find out about your options for Australia immigration and Australia permanent residency. Click the button below to contact an agent!

Ron Ford

Ron Ford immigrated with his family to Australia in 2005 to work as a social worker. Following their difficult immigration process, he slowly turned to blogging and creating content about immigration: "…As a family of 5, we struggled to make ends meet. I was working around the clock and Clarissa was working in housekeeping any time she could spare. The move to Australia completely changed our lives, but it cost us a lot of money, time, and tears. Ever since I've wanted to help others on their journeys the way I wished someone had helped us".

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